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Helpful Guides

Research and Assignment Tips

Here you will find reference sheets designed to assist you with research, assignment completion and internet searching. Those seniors who are completing PIP or IRP projects will find them especially useful. For further information, please visit your school Librarian.

Plagiarism (docx 32 KB)

Plagiarism in academic writing is becoming an ever increasing problem as more students turn to the internet when completing assignments. This sheet will explain what plagiarism is, why it is wrong and how to avoid doing it by correctly referencing your work and writing in your own words.

Website Evaluation (docx 24 KB)

Does the website you're looking at contain current and relevant information? Was it set up to inform or purely to entertain? How do you know if the information you are reading is biased? This checklist will help!

For more useful research guides, please go to Effective research on our Moodle site


Keep calm and do your assignment

Ask your librarian







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