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Support Unit

The support unit has four specialist classes accessible to students with a disability confirmation of Autism or various Learning Difficulties. The students engage in a specialist setting which caters to students individual learning, behavioural and social emotional needs and supports their development holistically as they transit through high school and into post school environments.

The classes aim to provide the students with the opportunity to learn new skills in a highly structured environment as well as providing as much access to mainstream classes and curriculum as the students are capable of achieving. It also provides the students with ongoing contact with their peers and involvement in whole school and year group activities.

The unit focuses on providing an engaging and functional education program that will allow the students to reach their full potential. As well as providing quality academic educational programs, our goal is to provide students with the skills and strategies to support their emotional wellbeing, develop their social skills, manage their own behaviour in appropriate ways and prepare the students for life beyond school.

The ASD classes are accessed by up to 7 students who have been placed through a regional placement panel and the Moderate Learning (IO) class is accessed up to 10 students. Where possible the students will follow the high school timetable for the appropriate stage of students. Whilst in the Support Unit, the main emphasis will be on the development of literacy, numeracy and social skills.

The staff of the support unit have high expectations for the students. As a faculty we expect the students to reach their full potential by providing quality teaching and learning programs that target individual learning outcomes for each student through the use of Learning Intentions and Success Criteria. By incorporating reasonable adjustments and accommodations for our students, the support staff and the mainstream staff work cohesively to cater to all the student’s individual needs.