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BYOD Program


Model Farms High School is committed to providing a supportive and engaging learning environment. We value the rich and deep learning experiences that technology can provide in a stimulating and challenging academic environment that supports communication and collaboration. 

As the DER program has ceased operation, MFHS is providing students and families the opportunity to utilise their own device for learning and educational activities. MFHS values the rich learning experiences that tightly integrated interactions with technology bring to students learning. The promotion and advancement of this integration is core to the school's educational philosophies. 

By facilitating Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), MFHS empowers its students and gives them direct involvement in the way they use technology in their learning. 

Technology Handbook

What is BYOD? 

Bring Your Own Device refers to students bringing a personally owned device to school for the purpose of learning. There are different models of BYOD. MFHS has chosen a BYOD model that will lead to the best learning outcomes for our students. The device must meet the requirements listed below in order to be able to connect to the school WiFi and receive school-based technical support to connect to the school network. These requirements are listed below. The school cannot support devices that do not meet these requirements. A mobile phone does not constitute a BYO device.


What is the 'School User Agreement'?

The School User Agreement is a document which is to be signed by the student, and countersigned by a parent/guardian. This document outlines the use policy that the student must adhere to when using a BYO device at school, and ensures that all parties are aware of, and have read the school, and Department of Education acceptable use guidelines.

Students are required to have this document completed and registered with the school before using their device on the school wireless network. Students that have returned and registered the document will be issued with a 'BYOD Licence' that they can produce to prove their eligibility to use the school wireless network.

The School User Agreement can be downloaded below.

School User Agreement 2017 (pdf 506 KB)


Hardware Specification

The device must meet all of the following requirements: Form Factor

Laptop, tablet device with keyboard or writing tablet, or convertible device

A tablet device must have a physical keyboard attachment with separate keys for A – Z and 0 – 9 and which physically move when depressed.

Physical Dimensions

Minimum Screen Size: 9.7"

Maximum Screen Size: 15"

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or newer, Windows 8.1 on a touch capable device.
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.6 or newer
  • Apple iOS 6 or newer
  • Android


Note: Windows 10 is available as a free update to Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1.

Note: OSX 10.10 ‘Yosemite' is a free update to machines running 10.6.8 or later

Wireless Compatibility

Device must have 802.11 support, with the ability to connect using WPA2 enterprise encryption.

This is standard wireless transmission on either the 5GHz or 2.4GHz bands. Performance will be best on the 802.11n 5GHz band.

Battery Life

Advertised battery life of at least six hours.


Additional Considerations:

The following are not requirements of the Bring Your Own Device program, but are considerations which you should direct your attention to:



Maximum weight: 2kg

RAM (laptops): 8GB (recommended)

Disk configuration (laptops): Solid State disk (SSD) 128GB or greater.


Accidental loss and breakage insurance.


 Software Specification

Additionally, the device must meet all of the following functional requirements pertaining to software:  

Operating System

As per the Hardware Specification, above.

Web browser

Any modern web browser - Google chrome is recommended. Windows computers must run Internet Explorer 10 or newer.

Word Processor

Any word processor. Examples include Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, LibreOffice Writer, Google Docs, or Word 365 online.

Spreadsheet Package

Any spreadsheet tool. Examples include Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, LibreOffice Calc, Google Sheets, or Excel 365 online.

Mathematical plotting

Wolfram Alpha website or iOS app.

Security Software

Windows 7 laptops should run: Microsoft Security Essentials / Defender

Mac OS X laptops should run: ClamXav 2 Sentry.