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Grade Sport


VENUES: The weekly draw will be posted on the school website, in the newsletter and on the daily notices.

GAMES: 12:40 - 2:40pm

Away games require the students to catch the bus to the venue. Students will need to ensure that they have purchased a multiday bus pass to travel to Grade sport venues when they have an ‘away’ games. A 5-day bus pass costs $50.00 and a 10-day bus pass costs $100.00.

PLEASE NOTE: Bus passes can be purchased from the School Bytes parent portal or through the front office or school website on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (Not Wednesday). Bus passes must be purchased before 6pm on Tuesdays in preparation for the following day and will not be sold on Wednesdays.


Boys Teams - Baseball Open, Cricket Opens – 10 overs, Basketball Open A & B, Basketball 15’s A & B, Touch Open A & B, Touch 15’s A & B

Girls Teams- Volleyball Open A & B, Volleyball 15’s A & B, Netball Open A & B, Netball 15’s A & B, OzTag Opens A & B, OzTag 15’s A & B


Boys Teams- Soccer Opens, Soccer 15’s A & B, Volleyball Opens A & B, Volleyball 15’s A & B, Oz Tag Opens A & B, Oz Tag 15’s A & B,

Girls Teams- Soccer Opens, Soccer 15’s, Basketball Opens A & B, Basketball 15’s A & B, Touch Opens A & B, Touch 15’s A & B

Mixed Teams- Ultimate Frisbee Open A & B (min 3 girls), Tennis (Opens 8 boys, 8 girls)


Baseball - Safety equipment (provided) must be worn. Genital protectors are recommended.

Basketball - Students must remove all jewellery and cut or tape long fingernails. Home games $4 for Official Umpire.

Cricket - Protective helmets must be worn while batting and wicket keeping. Genital protectors are recommended.

Netball - Students must remove all jewellery and cut or tape long fingernails.

OzTag - Appropriate footwear is recommended

Soccer – Shin Pads are required

Touch Football - Appropriate footwear is recommended.

Volleyball - Students must remove all jewellery and cut or tape long fingernails.

NB: All sports are dismissed from school at 2.40pm.