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HSC In Focus Information

The HSC course starts for students in Term 4 of Year 11. It can be hard to get motivated at the end of the calendar year, with summer holidays approaching, but it is essential as most subjects will have their first assessment task this term.

Homework, study and assessments

Students will receive their HSC assessment schedule at the start of the course. As soon as the assessment schedule is received, add the task dates to the term assessment planner for Terms 4, 1, 2 and 3.

If your child is getting anxious about the HSC, a study timetable may help reassure them. Term 4 is a good time to revise the timetable. Make sure the study times set are practical – if they are failing to follow the study timetable they may give up – so help your child set realistic times for studying.

Discuss when your child feels their revision is most effective – are they a morning person? Not many teenagers are. Do they prefer to do their study straight after they get home from school? Maybe they prefer to study after dinner or in chunks on the weekend. Term 4 can be a good time to trial adjustments to the study timetable. It’s also important to discuss the need to keep revising and creating summaries over the long summer break.

Year 12 students need to get straight back into work once school returns after the summer break. Reminding your child they are a quarter of the way through their HSC at the start of the year may help motivate them.


Some other things to help make the HSC year go more smoothly include:

  • avoiding any big decisions that could affect your child such as family holidays and changes in living arrangements, if possible
  • ensuring your child eats well and gets enough sleep and exercise
  • helping your child balance work and play – many students have part-time jobs – make sure the hours are manageable and don’t interfere with school work
  • having open and honest conversations about alcohol and drugs.

Stay in contact with the school, especially if you have concerns. Year 12 teachers want their students to achieve the best possible results and appreciate parents who are interested and supportive. Contact the year adviser if you are worried about your child's emotional wellbeing or how they're handling Year 12 studies.

Remember, the HSC focus is only for a short period of time. Support your child to do the best job possible but also remember the ATAR is not the be all and end all. There are many alternative pathways to most careers, even if they don't receive the results they hoped for or an offer from their preferred university.