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Aim & Overview of the Chaplaincy Service

To provide effective support for the spiritual, social, and emotional wellbeing of students, staff and the wider school community, regardless of faith or beliefs.  The chaplaincy service:

·        Complements the care offered by other helping disciplines. 

·        Assists school counselors and wellbeing staff in the delivery of student welfare services. 

·        Provides students, their families and staff with support when facing personal and emotional challenges and appropriate referrals in difficult times. 

·        Supports students to explore their spirituality and provides guidance about spirituality, values and ethical matters. 

The School Chaplain will support and work with the School Principal and the school's wellbeing staff to provide an effective chaplaincy service designed to meet the needs of the School community.  The teaching of Scripture/ethics classes/provision of other welfare services are not funded through the National Schools Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program. 

The decision to establish a chaplaincy service was taken by the Principal of the School after  consultation with the school community via P&C meetings, and in consultation with the wellfare team and staff members.

A Voluntary Service

The Chaplaincy/student welfare service is a voluntary service and members of the school community do not have to participate in this service.  If you do not wish your child to participate in any activity or service offered through the Chaplaincy/Student Welfare service please contact the school office or download the consent form on this page.  Students whose parents/guardians have chosen not to participate in the service will be noted on the register established for this purpose.   

How to Contact the Chaplaincy Service

To contact the Chaplain or to make an appointment please use the following contact details:

Email: TBA

Phone: 96243133


Consent forms for pre-arranged one on one appointments and ongoing assistance from the school chaplain/ student welfare worker are available from the Chaplain.  The qualifications of the chaplain and the kind of assistance provided are outlined on the consent form.

Complaints Procedures

If you have a complaint regarding an incident or pattern of behaviour by the chaplain/Student welfare worker or a service offered under this program, please address it in writing to the schools Complaints Officer: Ms Christina Bennet .  All matters brought to the attention of the Complaints Officer will be handled in accordance with the complaints and grievances policy.


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