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Cyber Safety

On the evening of Tuesday 7th of June a group of interested parents braved the cold weather to attend a presentation by Collett Smart 

Making Connections -The Passions & Perils of Youth Cyber Culture

Collett is a qualified psychotherapist who specialises in child/adolescent counselling. Collett runs educational seminars to help parents better understand the brave new world of technology and social networking in which our children live.


Technology is a double-edged sword. It is the doorway to enhancing knowledge, entertainment and remaining connected with others.It can also be a source of great personal pain and risk.

The 2 hour Seminar provided an opportunity for analysis and discussion. Some areas covered included:

·         The wonders of Technology  

·         The motivational similarities and differences of boys and girls online activity

·         Normalisation in a sexualised society

·         The risks for children in the areas of: grooming, sexting, cyber bullying, mobile phones, online games, social networking, pornography

·         The neuroscience of online pornography addictions and brain development

·         The social-emotional signs of gaming addictions

·         Assistance in this area

·         Recommendations for maintaining Technological Safety

More information visit Collett's website:


The notes from this interesting and infomative presentation are attached.Handout from Collett Smart (pdf, 1232 KB)


Collett's other website